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Retrieving And Filtering JIRA Issue Views Through Request URL

When developing a JIRA gadget for the WSO2 Gadget Server i found out that some aspects of the JIRA facilities are not well documented. This post will try to help with one such not-well documented service provided by Atlassian JIRA.
      In my gadget i had to filter the data that i needed according to several parameter that would vary from request to request.I decided to use "searchrequest-xml" that is provided by Atlassian JIRA this can be accessed by a simple URL and can also be filtered using parameters in the URL. This will return a XML containing the data that was requested. How the parameters should be defined to filter the request is not clearly documented. The aim of this post to provide a brief documentation as to how the parameters can be set for the "searchrequest-xml" URL request.
What You Need To Know     The things given below are not that necessary to understand this post as the purpose of the post is to document the format of the "searchre…