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Full featured JIRA Issue Tracking Gadget

During my internship at WSO2 I created a JIRA issue tracking gadget as a small project. This is flexible gadget made according to the Google gadgets API so it works on any gadget container that supports Google gadgets API such as iGoogle, orkut, WSO2 Gadget Server, etc. In my previous post i explained the data retrieval method I used to gather data for the gadget.


Allows the user to specify any company or organisation he/she wants to track the JIRA issues.Displays the most important data and provides a link for additional information.Includes a search tab that provides all the search options provided by the JIRA dashboardThe user can specify the URL of the organisation or company he/she wants to track. Lets say you want to track the Issues of you have to set "" as the URL likewise the user can specify any JIRA URL that needs to be tracked.
The interface is created using jQuery UI, jQuery UI is a very nice library that can be used to…