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Creating a JSON client for AXIS2

This post will try to explain how to develop a sample for Axis2 that uses the JSON module in Axis2. Before you read this blog post read this article to get a understanding about Axis2 JSON module

Creating the folder structure

Before we start to do anything lets create the folder structure that will be needed to create the sample. For this sample we will create a folder structure simmilar to the structure given below

The resources folder will contain the axis2.xml and the Java code will be added in to src/samples/googleservices/JSONSearch. We will look into each part separately.
Before we start working on the sample there are a few simple things that we have to do. Since we will be using the Yahoo Boss API to retrive the search results in JSON format, we need to acquire a API-Key that is needed when using the Boss API. You can create a Yahoo Boss API-Key here, this should not take more than 5 minutes if you already have a Yahoo account. Now that we have a Yahoo Boss API-Key we can go onto…