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Creating a Group Chat bot with Google App Engine

Hi in this post i will try to explain how to develop a chat bot for gmail actually this will work with any chat application that supports XMPP. Here i will explain how to develop a group chat application that can be used to chat with a group of people. I know you must be wondering why i would go through the trouble to make and app when gmail already supports group chats. Well the problem was that since our final year project was a 4 member group project we had a lot of online discussions but whenever someone would get disconnected they will loose the messages sent while they were offline and someone will have add that person back into the group. so one of my friends suggested me to write a app to solve this because i had written a small chat app before. Lets get started.
What is Google App Engine

I will assume that you are a bit familiar with Google App Engine. Well if you are not please take a look here to get an general understanding you only need the basic knowledge to follow this…