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WSO2 Governance Registry - Lifecycle Management Part 2 - Transition Validators

This is the second post of "WSO2 Governance Registry - Lifecycle Management" post series. In the first post - Part 1 - Check Items we gave a small introduction to lifecycle management in WSO2 Governance Registry and looked at how check items can be used and did a small sample on that. 
In this post we will look at Transition Validators as mentioned in the previous post. As mentioned in part 1 transition validations can be used within check items and it can also be used separately ( All the validators will be called only during a state transition, checking a check item will not call the validator ). we will take a look at the same config this time with two transition validation elements.
<aspect name="SimpleLifeCycle" class="org.wso2.carbon.governance.registry.extensions.aspects.DefaultLifeCycle"> <configuration type="literal"> <lifecycle> <scxml xmlns="" …