Getting Startd with JAVA -1

Now What's JAVA ??

java is one of the best and most used programming languages used these days.The things you can do with java are endless.And it is so vast that you cant just finish learing it.

So lets get started.lets first see what you will be needing to get started
1.first you need a computer(he he he) need to install some JDK version on your computer
The latest can be downloaded Here

3.A Software to Write programs in

It's realy easy to use one than to type on the notepad and run manualy.If you want to learn from scrap you should use JCreator LE.because it only provides the basic needs you can learn a lot you can get it Here.

If you want to do High level programing use NetBeans IDE You can find the latest version Here .This is not good for basic learning because it does more than half of the coding for you

4.Configuring your pc(this part is not needed if you use NetBeans)
You must set the eniviroment variable to the bin folder do as below

  • Find where the bin folder is an copy it's should be somting like this "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin"
  • then go to properties

Click on Enviromentel varables

And click on path go to the end of the existing variable value and put a ";" and paste tha path you

5.And the most important HOW TO CODE
Now to get Started with java obviously you need to get some good traning you can find some great tutorials Here. And if you would perfer books to learn theres a lot of books that are good
  1. sams teach yourself java in 21 days
  2. scjp by Kathy Sierra
  3. java how to program
  4. java 2 by Ivor Horton


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